We appreciate all of your generous and kind donations to our causes at Testing Truth.

We have a great need for funds to carry our our activities which centre around charity work and spreading the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Our charity work is carried out through our website, helping people with financial aid all over the world during a crisis.
  • Our teaching and preaching of the truth is carried out through our website, YouTube channel, videos, video chats, booklets (printed and digital), deliverance and 1:1 discipleship. We do not charge for all of these services which do incur a cost to ourselves. We do not want to charge any fees and your donations ensure that we can meet these practical demands.

Your support with these expenses is greatly appreciated and ensures that we can meet all the needs that arise as well as push the message out quicker and further.

Please email us at and we can give you our bank details to donate – God bless.