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DNA proves the existence of an intelligent higher power

by Tracy Williams

Laws are contained within everything in the universe: The Laws of Chemistry, The Laws of Physics, The Laws of Mathematics, The Laws of Logic, The Uniformity of Nature etc. We are just discovering these laws and have not created them ourselves as they already existed. They have always been there and the universe would not function as we know it without them. There are undoubtedly laws in our universe that we abide by just by being a part of it. DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, is contained within a cell and contains detailed information about every living organism.

The part of your DNA which determines which protein to produce, is called a gene. Genes control your hair colour, nose shape and even your blood type by instructing your cells which proteins to make. Our genes are like instruction manuals for making proteins (which form the bulk of almost all cellular structures) and perform most of our life functions. A computer program is made up of ones and zeros called binary code and it is the ordering of the ones and zeros that make the computer program work the way it was designed to. DNA is very similar to a computer program as it is made up of four chemicals, expressed as the letters A (Adenine), T (Thymine), G Guanine), and C (Cytosine). Approximately 3 billion of these reside in our 23 pairs of chromosomes which are located in the nucleus of all our cells. This complex code is no accident and points to a high likelihood that humans were designed by a very intelligent entity.

Dr. Francis Collins, director of the Human Genome Project said that one can “think of DNA as an instructional script, a software program, sitting in the nucleus of the cell.” Perry Marshall, an information specialist, commented on the implications of this. “There has never existed a computer program that wasn’t designed…[whether it is] a code, or a program, or a message given through a language, there is always an intelligent mind behind it.”

When you look at the information contained within DNA and the undeniable laws of nature, one can’t help but come to the conclusion that something intelligent has designed us.

Pythagoras has been hailed as the first mathematician as well as the first person to make a mathematical discovery. He established the Pythagorean School, whose core belief was that mathematics ruled the universe with a saying that “All is number”. He believed numbers weren’t just the way to truth, but that they were truth itself. He also believed that mathematics didn’t just describe the work of God, but that mathematics was the very way that God worked. The laws of nature do not apply only to earth but our entire universe follows the same laws and these laws never change – how orderly is our universe! Cosmologist Sean Carroll said, “A law of physics is a pattern that nature obeys without exception.” Many scientists take the laws that the universe obeys for granted. Science is based on the principle of universality: “the laws of nature we discover here and now in our laboratories are true everywhere in the universe and have been in force for all time.” When scientists are recording the things they are observing, they use words and numbers because they can be measured in the language of mathematics too. The whole universe abides by the rules laid out in mathematics including the speed of light. “Newton and his contemporaries believed that in doing science they were uncovering the divine plan for the universe in the form of its underlying mathematical order.”

Everything in existence is bound by laws that the Bible says were created by God “appointed the ordinances of heaven and earth” Jeremiah 33:25. If the universe obeys laws then there must logically be a law-giver. The Law of Life (Biogenesis) states that life always comes from life but if you believe in the Evolutionary theory of the origin of life then you have to believe that life at first spontaneously came into existence from non-living chemicals which does not stand up to the law of Biogenesis. You also need to believe that un-complex structures evolved into complex structures, something which has been disproved as all life is constantly degenerating and losing energy not gaining energy and complexity. For example, you could make every dog breed from its main ancestor the wolf, but you could not make a wolf from any dog breed – dog breeds are mutations, a degeneration of the pure earlier form. The laws of logic, which are fast becoming a myth in our current culture are transcendent truths. Unfortunately truth is starting to evolve into whatever people would like it to be, even if it defies the laws of logic.

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