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The science of probability proves that Jesus Christ is the Messiah

by Tracy Williams

The science of probability is also known as ‘odds’ which is a mathematic way of measuring the likelihood that a given event will occur.

For example:

  • Being hit by lightning in one year = 7 x 105 or 1 in 700,000
  • Losing your life to lightning in one year = 2 x 106 or 1 in 2,000,000
  • Becoming president = 1 x 107 or 1 in 10,000,000
  • A meteorite hitting your house = 1.8 x 1014 or 1 in 180,000,000,000,000
  • You will ultimately die = 1 in 1

As you can see, the probability of being hit by lightning, becoming president, or even having a meteorite land on your house, gradually increases, given the event; nevertheless, somebody somewhere will be that 1 in 10x, and that somebody could be you.

If you were told the correct lottery numbers for the next 10 lottery draws would you be fully convinced that the 11th set of numbers would come out as predicted? A similar scenario can be said for the prophecies in the bible where over 355 prophecies were fulfilled by one single person. The chance of one man fulfilling all of these prophecies would be the same as if the entire UK was filled with footballs up to your knees. One of these footballs is bright green and after you place one man blindfolded, you ask him to find the green football first time. What is the chance of that happening? There is very little chance.

The table below calculates the mathematical chance of just a few of the prophecies in the Bible actually happening during the time of their fulfilment.  It is more likely that a meteor would fall from space and hit you, than you being able to guess every correct number in the lottery and win. Yet people still play the lottery, and people still win! But here is where it gets harder, as who has won the lottery 8 times in a row? how about 300 times in a row? There are approx 355 prophecies that were written down and fulfilled with 100% accuracy by one person, Jesus Christ. These prophecies were written down hundreds of years before they happened.

We must agree on this point surely? If the writings of the Old Testament, were completed by Jesus, in the New Testament, 1 of 2 things have happened…. Either God gave the prophecies to the prophets, or the prophets just wrote them down on a whim, and because Jesus fulfilled all 8 in the table below what are the odds that the so Prophets of God were just having a guess?

The Biblical Scriptures show that Jesus Christ fulfilled not just these 8 prophecies but over 355 prophecies so that we would believe that He is the one who was sent by God to save the people from their sins and offer them the free gift of eternal life. “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37

Calculations Regarding Messianic Prophecy

References: Dr. John Stoner, author of Science Speaks

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